Monday, February 1, 2016

Shabby Chic 10 and Shabby Chic 28

Shabby Chic 10

Shabby Chic 28

I included a photo of my great uncle Cliff in Shabby Chic 28.  I am not sure but I think possibly Cliff was gay.  He lived with a man, Frenchie, on a ranch in eastern Washington for years during the 1950s.  The two moved into Wenatchee, WA after they sold the ranch.  I remember visiting them with my mother just after they had painted their dining room.  The walls were a chocolate brown and the molding at the top was beige with a ceiling that was also chocolate brown.  Not too unusual except that they painted the ceiling last and the paint started running down on top of the beige crown molding.  They liked the icicle look and continued it all around the room.  I am just staying!

Cliff was my favorite uncle.  He visited us regularly in Kent, WA and we would play board games together.  Parcheesi was one we could play for hours.  He had been married once but was divorced. Those are my only clues.


tgarrett said...

Love this and the story!

Catherine R said...

I like that little bird in No. 10!

Connie Rose said...

Great pages! I love that bowling photo -- I have some fun bowling memories of my own. Sounds to me like your Uncle Cliff was gay, for sure. Hugs.