Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Red Series No. 2 - 06

Red Series No. 2 - 06
What is the connection between the elements in this piece?  Maybe nothing?  Maybe something?  It is up to the viewer to decide.  Creating your own narrative is the fun part!


I use to go the movies all the time.  I was kind of obsessed with going.  I do not go any more.  I wait until the films are out on DVD or I stream them.  Hence I watch fewer films than I did.  The main reason(s) that I wait is because of the expense.  It is hard to justify the price these days when in just a few short months I can watch them in the comfort of my own home.  We have a rather large television screen and it is so easy to stream them into our home.  One other reason is that I started falling asleep in the movie theater.  I just could not justify the expensive sleeping chair! :-)  Aging here!

I have a list of films that I want to see.....

La La Land
The Red Turtle
20th Century Women
Hidden Figures
Manchester By the Sea
The Salesman

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Jacki Long said...

Great movement in this piece I think.
The stamp got dissected but works. ;o)
I've seen 5 on your list with Moonlight
being on top by a mile, for me.