Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red Series 1 and 2 Box and Binding

When I completed the Red Series No. 1 I did not have any notion that I would start and complete Red Series No. 2.  What I did know was that I needed to somehow bind series No 1 so that I could keep all the series together.  That started a search for just how that would work.  I found a binding which is called Laura Ashley.  Yes, the same Laura Ashley that sells linens.  I started the process of making the signatures that would hold the ten back-to-back collages.  But that meant that there were two more pockets available in the signature.....see last photo below.  That meant I could do twenty more collages, ten back-to-back.

In my head the number 20 stuck.  Fast forward the Collage Society retreat at the end of February.  I began and finished twenty times two collages there.  When I returned home I started thinking, John, you created way too many collages.  You only needed ten back-to-back or twenty collages.  I use to be really good at math and problem solving.  What happened?

So I now have 40 Red Series Collages.  Over the next month plus I will share those.  Below you will see the binding that resulted and the box that I made to store the signatures in.  This became quite a long project but I am very pleased with the outcomes.  Enjoy!  If you are tired of the red series after No. 1 skip the next month plus. :-)  Just so you know, the extra collages will be mail art.  These collages fit nicely in the pocket postcard that I designed and showed on this blog previously. :-)

Emily Estefan Reigns - catchy song....great video


Connie Rose said...

That is unspeakably cool!

Robert said...

Wow, John! What fun. Excited to see what you created at the NWCS retreat!

tgarrett said...

very nice John