Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yearning Bright

Yearning Bright

The sun comes up and shines brightly for a few hours and then sets again.  That is life.  We are born, spend some time on this planet, and then we are dust.  That is life and then death.  What we do in the light hours is what is important.  Leading a life that is good and one that helps others is what it should all be about.  We should not forget that.  It seems there are leaders in our country who have forgotten. I read how much money has been given by the NRA to members of Congress to sway their vote against gun control.  We have lost our way!  We have to find the right path again. We have to find the light again.


Brian Kasstle said...

Don't even get me started on the gun nuts. They think gun controls mean taking their precious guns. Killing school rooms full of children won't change it, sadly killing a bar full of LGBT won't do it either. There is too much $$ in politics.

tgarrett said...

Powerful John- and so hard to be hopeful when all this money seems to equal power at a cost to us all. We need to be each other's light.

Jacki Long said...

Another beautiful spread, full of weight and thought. Wish I had words of wisdom or a solution but I am feeling sadly empty.