Monday, June 13, 2016

A Voice Required

A Voice Required 
This is one of the pieces I submitted for the summer show.  The larger woman in the picture on the left was my mother when she was on a bowling team in the 1950s.  I remember the long nights waiting for the league to finish so we could go home.  This was on a school night and children always tag along wherever their parents go.  I just had to entertain myself for three hours.  Probably there was a treat involved if I was good.  I don't remember.

I am running out of family photos.  Putting them into art seems the right thing to be doing as it is the only way I will look at them much anyway.


Jacki Long said...

Such a strong series John.
As I enlarged and studies the layers,
as is my habit with your work
it seemed to me much how I remember ...
in layers and often in black and white images of the past.

tgarrett said...

I love this set as well what a series- so powerful so strong and so full of story.