Saturday, June 11, 2016

Follow No One

Follow No One

Some people might ask how did you choose the words for this series of collages.  I totally did it by color restrictions, black, white, red.  Then I put them together by how they seemed to go the best like this one, Follow No One.  Since I did ten pieces times 2, the number of combinations is astounding. It is something like 1023.  If I found the right information on the internet it is 2 to the tenth power or 1024 but I had to subtract one because the pieces of art are back-to-back.  It is all mind boggling to me and what difference does it really make?  By the way, two of my diptychs were selected for the summer show for the NW Collage Society.  I can not divulge which ones yet.


Jacki Long said...

CONGRATULATIONS JOHN, and of course they were accepted!
I really like this pair.
How they balance yet are so strong individually.
Wonderful skills and innate design abilities I think. ♥

Brian Kasstle said...

Wow these are fantastic. I think I know which ones I would pick for the show. I wonder if I am right?

tgarrett said...

wow 2 more stunners John. Just love this series so much. said...

Can only agree with everyone. This series is just so successful. And the way the elements on the two 'pages' combine to move the eye is great. Well done!