Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Vendor

The Vendor
I just love history especially when there is a story to capture my imagination.  I can get lost when reading historical fiction.  Can you imagine what it would have been like to be a vendor selling off your horse pulled cart in the streets of NYC?  It sort of reminds of the ice cream truck that use to come by my grandmother's house.  Ethel Arbuckle lived in Huntington Park, CA.  We visited many times when I was younger and I never tired of ice cream treats.  There was the thrill of anticipation when you started hearing the music of the truck somewhere on another street.  I was always worried that the truck would not come down my grandmother's way.  I would sit on the curb with my quarter in hand, waiting.  The truck always seemed to find its way.   I loved the vanilla ice cream bar covered with orange sherbet. :-)


Jacki Long said...

Oh boy, John, you've done it again!
The "Good Humor" man, right? Never will forget that tune!
And I think those were called "dream bars"?
I also loved the Helms Man who had trays of donuts and goodies.
We knew when he was coming because he had a whistle! ;o)

Catherine R said...

There is horror in the memory of what one ate with relish as a child! My favourite sweets bought loose from a jar were the shape of peanuts (in the shell) with some crunchy filling. Hate to think how much sugar each one contained...

Connie Rose said...

Awesome. Those treats were Dreamsicles, and I adored them, too. Do you remember the free sticks that came with some popsicles?

Seth said...

A piece that provokes memories. Love it!