Monday, January 19, 2015

Bemidji or Bust!

Bemidji or Bust!

A couple of months ago J.K Berry created a Map 2015 challenge which uploaded today on Pinterest.... Map 2015.  It took me until today to complete my spread for this challenge.  I usually do not like to complete something right up to the deadline but this past week was chock full and I needed the weekend to work on this project.

I decided to create a map to Bemidji, Minnesota because in June Brian Kasstle, Thomas LaBadia, and I are descending on Terry Garrett for a week of art in his home in a beautiful birch forest.  Terry invited us to come and who would not want to spend time with three great artists.  So here we all are in my piece Bemidji or Bust!.  I think we all look pretty smart in cowboy hats! :-)


Claudia MB said...

"Bemidji" sounds exotic, like it should be in India, not Minnesota. A week of art with friends sounds wonderful.

Jacki Long said...

What a great piece, John!
And what a terrific time you will have.
I am so happy for al four of you!
It will be here before you know it! ;o)

Connie Rose said...

How absolutely cool that you guys are all going to Terry's! Wish I could be a fly on those walls. Love the spread, too!

Catherine R said...

Such fun - and produced under pressure too. Love the cartful of guys and also the one with the blue cow top right.

Anonymous said...

John! This is hysterical! I love it! We DO look pretty smashing in our hats! It is going to be an amazing time!

Seth said...

What a great journal spread. Love the hats. And the 4 of you are going to have just about the best time ever!