Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Keep the Home Fires Burning
I am reading Madeleine Albright's memoir and loving reading about her life and reading her quotes. One quote that I also found on line was....I have to tell you, my seven-year-old granddaughter said to my daughter, her mother, 'So what's the big deal about Grandma Maddy having been Secretary of State? Only girls are Secretaries of State.' Most of her lifetime, it's true. But at the time it really was a big deal.

What a generational difference that is!  A child who only experienced female Secretaries of State. Thank goodness for such a change.  In my life time I have experienced women who remained at home to take care of the family and also women who worked outside the home trying to balance family and work, another societal change.  I remember that when I was ill and not able to attend school, I accompanied my mother to her job where I spent the day on the bed that was kept in the women's restroom.  It was the only place for me and the only thing my mother could do and still keep her job.


Catherine R said...

Your mum was certainly a strong lady, John! I love the snippets you drop in about her. Sadly - in the UK at least - women are still under-represented in top jobs and somehow all too often still manage to get paid less than men in similar jobs.

Connie Rose said...

Another awesome collage!