Saturday, January 24, 2015

Circus Performers

Circus Performers
I love that the clown is going off the page and that I left it that way.  Usually I cut off whatever extends beyond the boundary of the paper.  The background papers are CitraSolv papers that I was given from my friend Susan.  Thanks Susan! :-)


Claudia MB said...

Hooray, a bug in the background!!! He blends in so well, I almost didn't notice him. I wonder if he's "bugged" by clowns. Ha.

Jacki Long said...

Wonderful! The whimsy, the color and the magic!
I too love the escaping clown, perfect!
Anyone who doesn't smile looking at this …
need to check their pulse! ;o)

Catherine R said...

Wonderful one! Yeah - the bug going off left and the finger pointing right - so much movement. The clown breaking the frame is super. Great way to make really nice greetings cards which don't have the ATC limitation.