Friday, January 23, 2015

Jodhpur Memories

Jodhpur Memories
I love everything about India except for the snakes and poverty.  I love to watch Bollywood dancing and I love to discover the latest wonderful film that shares more and more information about this sub-continent country.  Have you seen "Lunchbox"?  It is a must watch.

I began this piece like most others with no clue where it was going to go.  I found vintage ephemera that was mostly off of old match boxes.  Images captured my attention and I printed them and cut them out.  All of a sudden I had a story evolving about perhaps a love between an English gentleman and an Indian woman.  My favorite part of this spread is the bird sitting on the woman's head. :-) This spread is in a journal that leaves me now for destinations around the United States.  It will return in July or August filled with seven spreads.  Bon Voyage!


Jacki Long said...

Just delightful, you do work magic, John!
And, I love seeing the stamp you made
on that fun day at Irene's in PVE!

Claudia MB said...

I love all the tiny dots -- around the stamps, in her dress, in the diamonds.

Catherine R said...

Wow - you've balanced such an assortment of images. Love the bird and also the surreal tiger and each of the characters staring into middle distance. Super.

Marit said...

It does have that Indian atmosphere... (I traveled through India in the eighties) Beautiful piece John!