Friday, January 9, 2015

Catch a Tiger By the Tail

Catch a Tiger By the Tail
I rarely remember dreams but a few nights ago my dream woke me because I did not want to dream it any longer.  In my dream I was driving on the freeway when suddenly I went blind.  I panicked and that's when I woke up.  Now where did that come from?  Perhaps it is because I had a conversation prior to bed about a friend who has to have cataract surgery.  Who knows, but I hope to not dream about that driving incident again. Catch a Tiger By the Tail is perhaps a dream.  It seems disparate in nature and yet some of it is familiar.  The photo on the right was taken when I went on a photo safari in the University district. I was stung by a bee last summer.  When I was a child I went to the circus. So it goes.....all those little pieces locked up in the brain and randomly come together in the dark of the night.


irene said...

Happy New Year! I love getting glimpses in to your wide and wonderful brain. xo

Catherine R said...

That is a brilliant concoction! I love it.
In Carla's super Summer Camp this year I did one exercise making a story and could trace its origins in the way you describe above: "One of the bird resource pictures I downloaded was of a bird on its back, alive with eye open, that had been ringed. So I drew it with the eye closed. That reminded me of an exhibition I saw in London ages ago by Messager ( which was totally weird and haunting. I had been listening to the radio and the play had mention of the game of squash - hence the 'batting' I guess. Truly the mind is a 'wonderful' place."
You can see the pdf of my story on my blog on 13th August!

Anonymous said...

It all is up there in our heads and thank goodness they end up in our journals! I LOVE this spread! Wonderful. One of my all time favorites of yours John!