Monday, January 5, 2015

Lost? or Not?

Lost? or Not?
Have you ever been in a long distance romance?  I was and it turned out, too.  Tim and I met at a chateau in the Loire River valley.  He sat across from me at dinner.  He is Canadian, originally from near Toronto, and so I thought we would never see each again after we spent many days touring chateaus and a week in France.  Ha! When I returned from Europe there was a letter waiting for me. We continued to write for months and then spent Christmas, Valentine's Day, spring break and finally another summer together.  That led to a year of commuting back and forth between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. where Tim had relocated to to be closer than the east coast.  Finally, Tim was able to get into grad school at the University of Washington and that was it.  Our long distance relationship which began in 1992 turned into marriage.  Who says long distance relationships don't work.


Connie Rose said...

How lovely to hear the story of you and Tim. Just wonderful!

Jacki Long said...

I love the "meant to be" stories.
And, so happy for you and Tim.
When you think of all the variables,
technicalities and specifics,
it boils down to "meant to be".;o)

Claudia MB said...

What a romantic way to meet!