Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two Birds, a Dog, and a Baby

Two Birds, a Dog, and a Baby

The photo is of my grandfather holding my father.  The dog is Rags.  I never knew my grandfather as he died when my father was three years old.  Basically my father never knew him either as least had any memory of him.  I have done a bit of research through my father's papers and found out that my grandfather owned a confectionery store in southern California for awhile.  I found a photo of the inside of the store online.  Amazing what is out there in cyberspace!

Recently I had a discussion about using the actual photo versus photocopying what I have and using that.  I have decided to use the originals because what am I going to do with them anyway at the ripe old age of 65?  I think it is a preference whether you copy them or use them.  Do what you like.


Connie Rose said...

Love that collage! I've used actual photos on quilts, even, as well as dig. images. I think it depends on how good an image you can get without using the actual photo. But too, why not use up stuff at this point? Often I'll make a dig. image just to have in my archive, then go ahead and use the original photo on a piece of art.

Thanks for your great postcard, received on Saturday. Hope you're having a wonderful month. Hugs.

Jacki Long said...

Love this and even more because of the story that goes with the photo.
At 74, I am in the mode of "use it, what are you saving it for?"
This goes for clothes that were saved for special, now should be my special?
IMy exception is sometimes the originals are unwieldy? Is that a word?
Your last postcard I said was elegant, to me,
this is both handsome and elegant, an unusual combo I think? TMI? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely one - so soft but brought into focus by the brighter 'splat'. I would think it useful to retain at least a copy of a family photo in case you have a sudden yen to make a photo family tree project... but with your scavenged photos why not put it in for real?