Sunday, May 22, 2016

Envelope Round Robin - June 2016 - Part II



Buzz, Mice!

Now you have seen all six collages that will be sent off tomorrow.  I am pleased to have it all done and ready to go. I actually want to keep this little book but off it goes.  Is that like raising a child? You do not want her to go off but you know you have to let him go?  Probably not, but one can't keep everything, right?


Jacki Long said...

I love them all!
I love how you combine text & images in a magical way.
Yes, I sometime want to hold on to for awhile,
but usually they get passed on to a good home.
I feel yours are going to a very lucky home! ♥

tgarrett said...

This is really wonderful and I know what you mean about sending off something that you just created- hard sometimes.

Brian Kasstle said...

These are all wonderful. The great part is you can make yourself a wonderful one John!

Irene Rafael said...

Yes, it's like that. You raise them to be free independent thinkers who will make choices of their own. And when their choice is to live a distance away you cry every time they leave. It is bittersweet but is life. Love this envelope book!