Friday, May 6, 2016

Just What Do Goldfish Dream?

Just What Do Goldfish Dream?
Off today to a flea market in Enumclaw, WA.  We have to pay $20.00 to get in tonight.  I hope it is well worth it.  No matter, it is an adventure.  Do I need more ephemera?  No, but I seem to keep collecting it.

The Goldfish piece above is in my friend, Jan's journal.  She has not seen it yet but will this afternoon.  It completes her journal and what a great day to get a finished journal returned.  Many of the artists who worked in this journal are getting together in a week to share our completed journals. I have not had a RR celebration like this before and am looking forward to seeing all the journals.


Jacki Long said...

What a terrific idea!
It will be great to sit and see reactions
and enjoy each others talents.Have fun!

Catherine R said...

Love how art allows one to make wild speculations like this title and offer the answer - no one can contradict you!
Saw some beautiful work on Thursday by an artist called Kristiane Semar (do Google her) including beautiful old legal paperwork about property sales in France. Sure you will find lots of treats to add to your collection at your special fair.

Irene Rafael said...

What a beautiful journal page. It is great that you all live close enough that you can get together. I'd love to be a fly on the wall xo

amy of four corners design said...

fantastic! And I'm jealous that you went to the Enumclaw event - I would have loved that! I'm sure you found goodies!

Claudia MB said...

It might be a nightmare, given the size of that rooster!