Monday, May 2, 2016


Next week I am teaching another workshop at Edmonds CC and we are going to make snail mail again.  Faculty and students sign up for the workshop which is one hour shorter than the two ten days ago.  So I had to come up with an shortened idea for the postcards.  We are going to do vintage scrap postcards. In the class each student will make two cards, one of which they keep and the second one they send to a class member.  After all snail mail has to be sent doesn't it.

I am making samples galore which you will see here over the next few days.


Jacki Long said...

Love it and mail art in general, since just about anything goes!
Yours are always so rich in colors and layers telling stories ...
a perfect class for you to share your talents.♥
btw? thanks for your blog comments, they mean so much to me.

Anonymous said...

Really like these ones with snippets on.