Saturday, May 21, 2016

Envelope Round Robin - June 2016 - Part I

Cover for Book
Crying Pigeon


Peep, Peep!

I actually am anxious to get this in the mail.  It is going to Canada and is suppose to be there by June 1.  Sometimes the mail is slow between our two countries.  The three collages actually fit in three "secret" compartments within the book behind the cover that you can see above.  It does not take too long to discover the secret of this book.  Tomorrow I will show the other sides of the above three collages.  The recipient gets the envelope, the cover (the book) and six collages.  Such a deal! :-)


Jacki Long said...

Super duper deal! Wow!
All five are terrific!
You always amaze me, John!

Irene Rafael said...

This just makes me smile.