Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two Birds and a Horse

Two Birds and a Horse

Well, I am over-the-top crazy at finding ephemera.  My latest find is a notebook that a waitress used at a restaurant that I frequent.  I asked her what she did with her old notebooks when they were filled (She writes down customer orders in it). She keeps them and has an idea that she will somehow use them to write poetry.  I asked if I bought her a new notebook could I have the one she was presently using as it was nearly filled.  She said, "Yes!"  Since the restaurant is in a bookstore I immediately left the table and bought her one.  I came home with the best little written in notebook!  You can see some of an entry for chicken, green olive and what not in this piece Two Birds and a Horse.


Brian Kasstle said...

John, this post got me thinking. You could do a post on sources where you find all your ephemera. I think folks would find it interesting. These are great!

Jacki Long said...

Always so interesting.
I always enlarge, study & smile!