Monday, January 30, 2017

Trammel Collages 02

Here are the second set of four collages now residing inside of my trammel envelope.  I personally like the cowboy one a lot.  His stance of his hips tilted in move my eye to the left.  I am so into movement in a piece of art.

Trammel Collages 02

If President Trump insists on a fence along the Mexican/US border I have some decorating suggestions for said fence!

For more ideas you might like to click on the following link.....


Brian Kasstle said...

These collages are wonderful!

Connie Rose said...

Love this set of collages!

Jacki Long said...

Great set of collages, I love them all but I too love the cowboy
and will try to draw him before he goes into hiding! ;o)

tgarrett said...

Another fine set of collages John.