Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ribbon Binding Journal

Ribbon Binding Journals

I belong to the Belltown Bookies and we meet once a month at ArtWorks in Edmonds, WA.  At one of our fall meetings, Ann brought a little journal that she had purchased during one of her art excursions.  I fell in love with her little book.  No one had made it from our group and I was determined to figure out how the book was created.  It is really very simple once you dissect the book.  I made sketches and after the meeting I could not sleep until I had made a mock-up.

As the students in the past weekend workshop that I taught will tell you, this is one of those books you will make over and over.  Two holes go in the from and back covers.  

Since this is an accordion book, you punch two more holes in the first page of the accordion and the last page of the accordion to match the cover holes.  You do not punch all the accordion pages.

You simply "sew" the ribbon, in this case sari ribbon, through the front two cover and accordion holes.  Then wrap the ribbon around the spine and "sew" through the back two cover and accordion holes.  This is how it stays together.  It is strong and makes amazing hand-made journal gifts for art friends.

I am an Andra Day fan.  She was asked to sing a song on the Hamilton Mixtape from the Broadway show.

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Hamilton Mixtape - Burn

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