Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Plastic Bag Journals

Plastic Bag Journals

Just before Thanksgiving my art friend MaryAnn gave me a thank you gift.  It was a lovely journal that she had made out of plastic bags.  I went ga-ga over this journal.  That evening I had to make one which turned into making eight over a period of days.  The process is easy and fun.  MaryAnn first learned about the process from Karen Michel at ArtFest several years ago.  So thank you both for leading me to a fun activity.

All one does is iron nine layers of plastic bags, cut to the size of the journal you prefer, one layer at a time.  You can even make pockets and do transfers on them.  I sewed some stitches on one or two and also sewed paper yarn in several.  


Some Writer, the Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet

This is a charming biography of the author of Charlotte's Web.  Order it out of the library and you will be rewarded with a delightful nonfiction book.  


Jacki Long said...

I LOVE the plastic bag journals!
Never have seen them before but they are terrific!
You do the best things! ♥

tgarrett said...

these are wonderful John. I got one from MaryAnn- I love it I don't have cool plastic bags though.