Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Soda Grandma #2

Soda Grandma #2

Here is the other side of the piece I did on Soda Grandma.  Soda Grandma was an artist.  The paintings that I saw of hers were landscapes and floral.  She was self-taught.  She also played the harmonica.  As she aged her family was concerned about her transportation as she did not drive. They gave her taxi money which she refused to spend on taxis but instead on flowers.  Since she loved to make corsages for seniors, I imagine that is how the flowers she purchased were used. According to her granddaughter, Soda Grandma never criticized anyone. She was someone everyone thought highly of and enjoyed.  If you needed a little TLC because you were upset, Soda Grandma would say, "Let's have peaches and toast!"

In Soda Grandma side 2, I have collaged the Ritz cracker box because of the stale crackers she offered others.  The Campbell's Soup child stamp that I made comes from one of the books that she hand-made for her daughters.  The book was full of magazine illustrations of the time.  I am sure I would have enjoyed Soda Grandma in person as much as I enjoyed listening to stories of her life.

NW collage artist Robert Stockton sent me this video via Facebook Messenger recently.  It is worth watching through.....very unusual.


Jacki Long said...

What a wonderful tribute you have created for Soda Grandma!
I am sure her family will treasure your work. Terrific! ♥

tgarrett said...

I agree with Jacki- wonderful tribute.