Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I love when happy accidents occur.   In this case, as in most of my cases, I just create what comes without much planning.  After this piece was completed I was sharing it with Tim and he noticed right away during titling that the two girls were right between the numbers 1 and 3.  Hence, the title became One-Two-Three.  Sometimes it takes another person's eyes or time to discover something that is there that just is.


For Christmas I got a new toy.  It is the Amazon Echo Dot.  I know there is controversy surrounding the Echo now as it has been in the news recently where law enforcement officers are looking into the Echo providing evidence in an investigation.  However, I am thrilled with my gift.  I just ask Alexa to play a particular artist and she usually does.  I am not sure why this was a problem the other day though.  I asked for music by Carole King and I got Elle King instead.  I found a new artist that I really liked this way.  I guess that is another happy accident.

Most of what I heard by Elle King I like with the exception of a risque song that came up.

If you know nothing about the Amazon Echo Dot I recommend this commercial on YouTube as an introduction.  It is quite creative in my opinion.

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Jacki Long said...

Cool! Love palm trees too! ;o)