Saturday, July 5, 2014

Round Robin Journal - Jacki Long

We are closing in on the fifth month of our round robin for our dos-a-dos journal.  Late in August everyone in the RR will have a completed journal.  For Jacki's journal I found some vintage women photographs with a swimsuit theme.  At an art garage sale I found some clay shavings.  I had never seen them previously. They are just fantastic.  Colored clay has been rolled and cut to make the shavings.  It makes for a great textured look in Jacki's journal.

Jacki RR Dos-a-dos Journal first

Jacki RR Dos-a-dos second

Jacki RR Dos-a-dos third


Connie Rose said...

Great spreads!

Jacki Long said...

I am so thrilled John, I can't hardly wait! What a great spread, and ... ORANGE!!!
I love it and you for you talent, skill and kindness!

Catherine R said...

Super. They look gorgeous.

Brian Kasstle said...

John this is wonderful. I love this whole idea of the RR journals. So you and so wonderful we all get to share in each other's journals.