Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Algerian Woman

Algerian Woman
Just the position of the arm makes this Algerian woman's pose provocative.  I found her in an old book from the sale that I attended this past weekend.  The page from the book had that ancient musty smell.  I was afraid that I would not be able to use her because of it.  However matte medium and tar gel and rubbing alcohol seems to have helped with this problem.  I used a palette knife to adhere tar gel over the lower portion of this piece. I am liking the tar gel technique more and more.  Isn't it fun to provide a venue for old photographs, to create a new "environment" for them.  It is like giving new life to something old and forgotten.

The book is so musty I have banished it from the living portion of our house.  It now is "locked" up in the garage in a baggie with a dryer freshener.  Hopefully I will be able to use more of the photos I found, but it all depends on the success of the smell reduction.


Claudia MB said...

She's very mysterious. Did you add color or was the photo already in color?

Jacki Long said...

I am so glad you endured, as she is truly marvelous in every way.
Her expression, her headpiece, the fabulous robe, the dangling jug!
Perfect again! Thank you John!

Catherine R said...

Looks like she should be in a black and white Rudolph Valentino movie.

Brian Kasstle said...

She is wonderful!

I have used to dryer sheets technique for an art journal that went to a smoker's home. I put dryer sheets between the pages. It still smells faintly of smoke after a few years.

tgarrett said...

Love this John- I have that box of old magazines and I have them in a box covered with a platic sheet- then ones i want to use I will scan and then I don't have the smell in the house proper. Wonderful piece. You are the background master