Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lightbulb No. 3

Lightbulb No. 3
During my day of creating just for me I came up with Lightbulb No. 3.  I have not shown No. 2 yet but I really like how this one turned out so here it is first.

I spent the last four days cleaning and sorting and throwing away my mother's belongings.  What a chore! The dumpster has been filled three times already.  The worst part of the process is close to being done and that was the garage.  It was disgusting and just plain awful.  Once it is cleared it will be power washed. Hopefully it will be returned to order soon.

I am taking a week off to take two classes, Orly Avineri and Brian Kasstle are both teaching next week at the Pacific NW School on Whidbey Island.  Orly will be there for five days and Brian two.  That should give me a great push to take on more at my mother's in August.


Seth said...

This piece is so very cool. Makes me smile. Glad to hear you are making your way through the clearing process. The workshops with Orly and Brian are very well timed...and will surely be sensational.

Jacki Long said...

This is a great one, John!
Made me smile immediately.
Have a great week with Orly & Brian, which is a given.
The work is always there.

Catherine R said...

The garage is a dreadful warning to us all as we 'get on'. What a shame it had gone just too far when you love usable ephemera. Have fun at the workshops. Love the character in your lightbulb pic.

amy of four corners design said...

so lighthearted - glad to see that you are not letting yourself get dragged down in the clean-up...and the workshops sound wonderful - can't wait to hear about what creative inspirations you find!