Friday, July 4, 2014

Egyptian Man

Egyptian Man
Adding fiber paste through a stencil finished off Egyptian Man.  The slightest sanding and Dylusion spray inks and the piece was complete.  Now that it is done I was thinking I could have used something Arabic in the background.  It is what it is though.  I do not hold back but include the good with the less than successful on this blog.  My blog is archival....whatever I have finished goes up.

Someone asked me recently about my art marketing.  What marketing?  I do some art shows but my art is for me and for those who I share it with.  I think I would lose the joy of doing art if I worried about marketing!  I mostly do art journaling and mail art.  At the moment I have eight works in galleries and shows. Doing shows was a big step for me.  It is enough.


Connie Rose said...

IMO this is the best of your recent series! The letter shapes in the background look Arabic enough, and the stenciled swirl just makes it perfect!

Jacki Long said...

I agree with Connie, as I usually do!
I am constantly amazed at your blend of black and white subjects into a flurry of your magnificent color backgrounds and it works! Consistently! I think the difficulty level of this is off the chart! Bravo John!

Catherine R said...

Your blog is playing tricks with me! My comments keep vanishing. And I just congratulated you on a new banner today when that too disappeared!

tgarrett said...

Very nice piece John. You are always an inspiration- you are fearless and try so many things. I also appreciate your honesty. I have very few shows anymore and have stopped "marketing" my work. Like you I am loving the making of art for myslef in journals and for friends.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love this guy. Very soulful John. I envy you so much. Retired and doing pretty much as you please, creating endlessly. I think you do a fine job marketing. Look at all those classes you have going, your doing it your way. Bravo!