Monday, April 4, 2016



Last week I had lunch in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.  One street, Ballard Avenue, has wooden telephone poles with the greatest ephemera attached.  I really needed some tools to "dig" at the amazing finds, but I was able to take several weathered layers.  I am thinking I need to make a trip back this week with the appropriate paraphernalia to score more treasure. 


Jacki Long said...

Very cool! So much to study & enjoy!
I'd be there in a nano-second if we were closer!

Brian Kasstle said...

John! What kind of artist are you? You don't CARRY those tool with you all the time????? You need to start carrying those tools with you 100% of the time now!!!

tgarrett said...

You are on a roll- another nice one John!

Claudia MB said...

If you go back, take a photo of the telephone pole itself -- I'd love to see what it looks like.