Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee
There isn't a real bumble bee in this spread but since I found the Bumble Bee tuna can labels that is the name of the piece.  Bumble Bee is a spread in a RR that I am doing with eleven participants.  It came together in about 90 minutes.....maybe a record for me.  I did have all the ephemera at the ready when I started.  I cut out insects for hours this past week while watching something on the computer.


Jacki Long said...

Great, John!
I so admire your cutting skills.
If I cut out an insect he would most likely end up an amputee?

Anonymous said...

Busy but organised - just like the bees! I want to know if you cut and then scan your insects so you can re-use them, or cut and 'sacrifice' them to just one spread. Do tell.

tgarrett said...

Another wonderful piece Mr. Arbuckle. Love your way of putting things together.