Friday, April 8, 2016

Angled Accordion Journal -Without Cover

April Envelope Exchange

Angled Accordion Journal (front)
Angle Accordion Jouranl (back)
This is an angled accordion journal that I made for Terry Garrett in the RR envelope exchange that we are both in.  Totally different to make.  It does not have a front and back cover.  I am working on either a circular cover or a octagonal cover for my next one.


tgarrett said...

This is just amazing John- than you so much. I will cherish this. Such a fun take on an accordion book form. And it's so vibrant and so you!

Thomas LaBadia said...

I just love it so much!!

Brian Kasstle said...

This is wonderful! I had a thought when I saw the envelope. What if you just made an envelope rather than a cover similar to the envelope for our class book?

Catherine R said...

Totally amazing - I don't know how you are so endlessly inventive.

Jacki Long said...

So very cool John!
You keep blowing my mind!
In a good, even great way!
Thanks John for YOU!