Saturday, April 16, 2016

Abstract Crystal

Abstract Crystal
I called this Abstract Crystal because I created it in the Crystal Neubauer workshop that I took last month.  Our task was to create two sides (1/3 and 2/3) for the total composition.  One side was to be corrugated cardboard and the other side a collage of different textures.  The line between the two parts was to be a bit wider, however I had an ink issue.  I do like textures and this was a fun exercise.
My favorite part of the collage is the blue areas because those are the layers of graffiti that I found lying on the floor of the bunker I explored during the hunt for mark-making tools.


Jacki Long said...

The blue is my favorite too, but I always love corrugated too!

Irene Rafael said...

I would love to walk in your shoes for a day picking up bits and pieces of the world then gluing it down to make amazing art!

Connie Rose said...

That's fantastic! I love that colorway!

Anonymous said...

Nice one, John. That course seems to have been very stimulating for you.