Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ukiyo-e Dragonfly

Ukiyo-e Dragonfly
Killing two birds with one stone, what a strange idiom!  Who wants to kill birds these days?  Just the image is repulsive to me.  The origin of the idiom is Latin and adopted into the English language centuries later.  You might be asking why am I bringing this up when there are no birds in this postcard.  I had two tasks to complete.  One was a thank you for some stamps that were sent to me from Finland. Perhaps you have seen the Tom of Finland stamps.  Pretty risque stuff for Puritanical Americans! My friend, Ulla, who sent them to me, says that they are selling like hotcakes over there.

The second reason is that I needed to document a step-by-step process that I use when I make postcards.  I will be teaching at the Schack Art Center in Everett in November and I needed the process for my lesson plan. Hence I created Ukio-e Dragonfly and hence the appropriate use of the strange idiom.


Connie Rose said...

Great card. And thanks for the stone face I received today!

Jacki Long said...

Wonderful, again!
Wish I was closer, I'd take that class and sit in the front row!
It would be great, but a heck of a commute! ;op

Catherine R said...

Ah well - perhaps they are clay pigeons nowadays! Love the card - another one with depth of layers.

Catherine R said...

Had to google the stamps - see what you mean.