Monday, October 6, 2014

Bird Food

Bird Food
The only thing about putting out bird feed is that it attracts other critters that are not wanted.  Case in point, my mother use to feed the birds until rats started coming to eat the feed that was spilled on the ground.  That led to extermination issues and the ending of the feeding.  The squirrels also thought it a good source of food.  There was an easy way to stop them.  A metal shield worked as it was slippery and the squirrels could not get at the food.  I would rather have squirrels than rats.

Although I did have a squirrel living in my attic one time.  That was quite the situation.  Finally I trapped the squirrel and released him on the University of Washington campus.  I have never seen an animal so angry as that squirrel.  When it was a safe distance away from me it turned around and gave me HELL!


Connie Rose said...

He/she should've been grateful to be alive to give you hell!! Love this collage. Have a great week!

Jacki Long said...

I agree with Connie, but I did laugh at that mental picture.
Love your work, as always, John.
The color, layout and mastery!

Catherine R said...

That bird is giving someone else a telling off! There was a tale of a lady in the park feeding a 'poor' squirrel that had lost its bushy tail. Park-keeper had to tell her it was actually a rat. Some friends of mine had squirrels break in while they were on holiday and that 'rat pack' just took a rather nice dining room to pieces. Squirrels look nice but can be a pain. Witness the hazel trees that sprout all over my garden where the little perishers have hidden the nuts for later and forgotten them...