Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chinese Bambi

Chinese Bambi
This piece is fairly complex in its layering.  I used my gelli plate, ephemera, deli paper, acrylic paint and my handmade chop stamp or mark.  I love the fact that I have my own chop mark.  I made it last February in an Orly Avineri workshop.  I have started using it pretty much in all my work of late.

Chinese Bambi looks pretty cluttered here but not so much in person.  The layers stand out much more when held.

Why a Chinese character you say?  Well, I started learning something that is Chinese yesterday.  I will leave it at that for now.  It was quite a day I might add and I loved every minute of it!


amy of four corners design said...

you are so mysterious! thanks for stopping by - with napkins and playing cards...and your enthusiastic soul!

Jacki Long said...

Love it and the stamp.
I remembered the stamp from our day at Irene's!
Another great composition, I think! ;o)

Catherine R said...

Ah ha! That's what it was yesterday! I too have a chop - cut for me in China Town (London's Soho China Town) - the shop guy said he had a list of English names and I said I would have one if my name was there. Thought I would escape the expense as not many of us around but lo and behold there it was! It (reportedly) has 4 syllables for my 2-syllable surname but the design is nice! Until I dropped it last year it had a beautiful little lion on the top.