Sunday, March 30, 2014

Whom Shall I Choose?

Whom Shall I Choose?
I just love the Abe Lincoln stove-pipe hat.  It is so fun to see how fashion changes.  This postcard is another in my series of eight.  I am using photos found in some old books I got at an estate sale.  When I started this postcard project I decided to make the backgrounds on cereal boxes.  So there are two basic backgrounds for the series.  I found some great washi tape at Office Max which is appears in several postcards.  The radiating circle comes from Randel Plowman's site.


Stacey said...

Hi John,

I love your collages! I was given your name by Maria Root, who I know mostly through psychology but also through art. I have recently begun to do a lot of collage and she thought you might be a good person for me to talk to / consult with. If you are open to emailing I would love to share a piece with you that I recently created. My email address is Thanks!


Connie Rose said...

I just love it! I bought a roll of that same washi at Target, along with a few others by Scotch. Everyone's gotten onto the washi tape bandwagon. Have a great Sunday.

Brian Kasstle said...

These are wonderful John! I don't think he chose either one.

Jacki Long said...

♥♥♥ as usual, John!

Catherine R said...

That hat makes me think of the collapsible opera hats - how did people manage with those hats and the dresses?! Good theme.