Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Secret

The Secret
If The Walls Could Talk series continues with The Secret.  All of these women are connected somehow, they all have a common thread that is wrapped up in a secret.  The secret crosses generations.

My art friend, Brian Kasstle loves it when the viewer can make up his own story.  I honor his desire to come up with the narrative for this piece.  I have one in my mind, of course.  The secret will continue to reveal itself with more clues over the next two spreads.  In this spread there is a window into the future but that window also exists in the present.   Stay tuned!

One more thing about the passing of generations. This piece sparked a thought about the mixing of people who have moved on to the spirit world.  It seems that it might not matter when a person lived once they are gone.  The gone are gone and in this world of the gone, time is no longer a concern.  Do people mix and become non-generational?  Goodness, perhaps that is a Twilight Zone scenario or the thread for a novel!


tgarrett said...

Just amazing John. You are creating an amazing book.

Jacki Long said...

Gorgeous again, captivating and I think Brian will enjoy the narrative, I do. I am continually amazed at how effortlessly you combine the black and white images with the stunning colors and they harmonize and celebrate the union. Love it! ♥♥♥

Brian Kasstle said...

Wonderful. I KNOW what the secret is... The women all work or are in an asylum. Folks disappear and reappear at different times, who have talked to the women that work and live there's relatives that have passed on.