Tuesday, May 29, 2018

la sorpresa (surprise)

la sorpresa (surprise)
There is a lot going on in this collage, maybe too much.  It is funny how a collage may be considered done, we put it away and revisit it weeks later.  It does not seem to be what was intended as time passes.  On this blog you get the good pieces and what I call the warts.  I put up everything I have completed or am working on.  I learn from myself as well as others.  Putting it on the blog gives me another perspective especially if I look at a piece several days later.  It is a distance.  It is like having a different eye on the subject.

On this piece I am thinking there are too  many circles.  My eye is doing the ping pong ball thing, back and forth between the green and the pool balls.  Now that is movement but is it the right kind of movement?


Robert Mangold: Sol LeWitt & MoMA | "Exclusive" | Art21

Some of Robert Mangold's work.....

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jacki long said...

Works for me, John! ;o)