Thursday, May 17, 2018



If I had to put a label on the type of collage this is I would say it is mostly cluster or perhaps just free form. It is not one of my favorites of the workshop week.  I put up what I call the warts and the winners both.  It just does not seem to come together as a total composition for me.

I can learn from this collage though.  Using the framing tool in Photoshop I can take sections of the collage to study.  Doing that I might just find a collage that I do like.  For instance, the study below is a section of the larger collage.  There are things about the study version that I like much better than the original.

a study


Trenton Doyle Hancock: "The Former and the Ladder or Ascension and a Cinchin'" | "Exclusive" | Art21

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jacki long said...

I love the technique of zeroing in on strong areas.
I think you have about four "close-up" areas that are really strong.
That said, I do think your color selection made the original work.