Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Columbia Hotel

Columbia Hotel
It seems like forever that I have posted anything.  In fact, I have not been creating much as I have been ill.  I had the flu and a cold for the past ten days.  Most of my time has been energy-less.  I am the aging old man who probably needed to slow down and smell the flowers a little more but didn't. Instead I have been pushing myself perhaps a bit too much.  Hence,  I got run down and that is the way of it.

Columbia Hotel has been in the works for quite awhile.  There are so many layers to this I have forgotten the number.  The first layer began with paint and then random words cut from magazines were collaged....more paint and stenciling and ephemera.  The photos were found amongst my father's belongings.  I imagine either he or his mother and grandmother visited this town in California in the 20's and 30's.

I have imagined a story of the proprietress, Maude, having many scandalous stories to tell about the happenings at this hotel.  Only the blackbirds know the truth now!


Cate Rose said...

I like this a lot. So sorry you've been ill, but hope you're feeling well again soon! Hugs.

jacki long said...

Hope you're on the mend and resting John.
This is a wonderful piece, and you are so masterful at story-telling.

anonymous said...

Spring will restore you if you give it a chance. I'm not sure about Maude's riding crop and attitude - maybe some of the rooms were used for less than respectable meetings... Scandalous indeed. Great development of the piece - you are so clever with the layering.

Brian Kasstle said...

Glad to know you are feeling better! REST! Great spread!

Irene Rafael said...

So sorry that the flu has gotten you down. I don't know about you but smelling the flowers is not that easy when I am sick. Glad to see you well enough to post today. xoxo

tgarrett said...

I am glad you are better- wonderful piece here.