Friday, March 13, 2015


Thomas LaBadia, my Florida art friend, has created a wonderful blog called the Elusive Muse.  On his site I find amazing art that he has discovered and is sharing.  It is worth a visit.  Thomas also has a flickr account with amazing saved photos.  I found vintage cursive writing book pages on the flickr account.  One of the practice writings was Do not fail to see and correct all errors.  What advice one could write to practice cursive and to practice in daily life!  This quote appears in 3900 above. Thanks Thomas for sharing so many wonderful artists and so many photos.  I am captivated every day when I visit your sites.


jacki long said...

Love this one too John!
It's so rich in color & appeal,
and bravo Thomas.

anonymous said...

Many people must like his site because it came to me from somewhere else! I do like the warm and subtle colours in this and similar pieces.