Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuscan Chicken

Tuscan Chicken
I have Ziploc bag after Ziploc bag of ephemera, so much so that I do not know what I have anymore.  I get surprises each time I open one of the bags.  There are undoubtedly thousands of more collages just waiting to be created out of those bags.  So Tuscan Chicken came to be.  It is the fifth in the series I just finished last Friday.  Another chicken made a debut.  It seems that chickens are appearing in quite a few of my collages.  That is funny because I never really have been around them much except when I was very young.

My earliest memory of chickens, at around age three, isn't actually chickens at all.  It is of the chicken house and my father repairing the roof.  I wanted his attention and he was ignoring me.  Now mind you my father was prone to swearing and I had paid attention to his preponderance.  I said, "You S.O.B, get down off that roof right now.  I need you."  He did get down off that roof immediately and began chasing me.  I was saved by my mother who years later told me that he had brought my swearing on himself....something about role models! :-)


Connie Rose said...

love this current motif!

Susie said...

great story John and the collage is wonderful.

Catherine R said...

Your memory made me laugh - kids come out with amazing stuff. As you say, they have to learn it from somewhere! Colours in these collages is completely amazing - either you are finding great photos to work with or the special method makes them glow extra richly. Love your choices here.

irene said...

i would love to see piles of your ziploks. why the individual bags? of course, you might ask me, why the boxes and file folders? funny story.