Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Keeper

The Keeper
This is the fourth montage in a group of six completed last weekend.  Creating compositions using disparate ephemera takes some time.  I agonized over each of the montages.  It was such a different process from the 5 minute collages.  With those you don't have time to worry or to try too many things out.  The sky for this piece is a page from National Geographic that has had CitraSol painted on it.

I especially loved the cracked dried mud that I found.  I had to piece two  pieces together to get the mud just right.  Thanks to the elephant for covering the seam.  I like the way the gentleman leads my eye off the page to complete the collage.  The dots help to move the eye to the right as well. 


Connie Rose said...

Love the idea of selectively painting with CitraSolv, instead of soaking the pages with it, which is a totally messy and smelly process.

Catherine R said...

Life is full of surprises: yesterday I saw a bronze by Eduardo Paolozzi of a frog with four straight legs and today you show me an elephant pretending to be a frog!! Hang in there, John - you are working so hard!

irene said...

i can just picture your room, if it's anything like mine when i am in the heat of creation. as if a giant fan went off, papers helter skelter. looks like you are having fun. good thing for the elephant camouflage. there is so much depth i feel as if i can jump into the lake.

Anonymous said...

This one is so wonderful John. So much depth and the elephant is just wonderful!