Sunday, September 22, 2013

Literary Friends

Literary Friends
Does anyone know these famous authors?  This is the second piece from the Randel Plowman class.  We used a process of adhering with gloss medium with varnish.  The works in this project are all 7 inches by 6 inches.  I have learned a lot about magazine page quality on this project.  Not all magazine papers are easy to work with.  National Geographic, Martha Stewart Living, Architectural  Digest, and Vanity Fair use higher quality paper.  Southern Living has much thinner quality.  Hence the thinner paper is somewhat transparent.  You will notice this at the top right of Literary Friends.  

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Connie Rose said...

Sounds like we use a lot of the same mags. I've especially noticed that cheap-paper magazine images do not tear well at all, in fact they need to be cut. It's also been interesting to watch the paper quality change over time in some magazines. No idea who these authors are although each looks vaguely familiar to me.

Great collage -- I just started following Randel's blog. Have a lovely day!

Michele said...

I really like this piece, John. And thanks for making me read backwards! I did not recognize either one's photograph. Gee, guess I shouldn't admit to that!

Peggy said...

Really like this. Do you mix equal parts of gloss and varnish. Why use this over just glass??

Catherine R said...

Like the depth you've introduced with the overlapping. You seem to be making good things on this course though I always think you do pretty well on your own!!!

Brian Kasstle said...

I am really loving Randel's class. Wonderful, wonderful collages you've made John.