Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Minute in Time 09

A Minute in Time 09
Could this be a dad with his dog who has just seen his son to the school bus?  Making up a narrative after the collage is done is even more fun that creating a narrative prior to the collage completion.


Art Is… Going to a Dark Place | SFMOMA Shorts

Difficult as it is, at some point we all need to confront disturbing themes like fear, trauma, and war. This video features artists Robert Adams, An-My Lê, Richard Misrach, and Naoya Hatakeyama discussing how going to “dark places” acts as a driving force in creating art, and often leads to the discovery of profound beauty and insight.


Connie Rose said...

Loving this new series! Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs

jacki long said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear John!
Yes, I found myself look out to the right to see?
Very skillful focus off canvas. Love the bus clip too.
All so necessary to create this lovely piece.