Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series - 09

Kitty and Crow Series 09
All entrances to restaurants in Japan have curtains called noren.  Noren are traditionally used by shops and restaurants as a means of protection from sun, wind, and dust, and for displaying a shop's name or logo (Wikipedia).  I was quite fond of them when I lived in Japan (1983-85) and purchased several for decorative purposes.  I wonder where I have put them now?  Maybe I sold them in a garage sale long ago.


Warning.....this is a performance art video that might be considered inappropriate for many.  You make the decision for yourself, watch or not.  If you are not sure, Google the artist and find out for yourself.

China’s First-generation Performance Artist: Zhang Huan | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 18


jacki long said...

Ah yes, I am a noren fan too! ♥
I have some somewhere here too?

anonymous said...

I love the way the attitude of the crow spells out the mood. Here the smug cat and the crow's leaning down seems to read the crow is anxious... Nice.