Thursday, February 5, 2015


Rose is the last of the adornment series.  I will let you know if any of them are accepted by the juror for the NW Collage Society Spring Show.  I am relieved that I finished.  This last one gave me fits.  I wanted it to be very different from the other two and still fit the theme adornment.  I can hardly wait to see what other society members have created.


Claudia MB said...

Congratulations on finishing all 3! Hopefully Madeline will have a chance to see them all.

Jacki Long said...

This one appeals to me so much!
I enlarged and just studied the richness of the background and how the stitched fabric adds so much. Love the hidden stamp and the contrast, okay I love everything about it! Great John!!!

Connie Rose said...

Now this one really appeals to me, for obvious reasons. Best of this little series, imo.

Catherine R said...

Best of luck with your entry, John. We think you deserve to be up there. Be sure to let us know.