Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Manzanita ATC Series - final

Manzanita No. 5

Manzanita No. 6

Manzanita No. 7
These are the final three of seven ATCs made in the Manzanita series.   I shared them with my art buddy Michele yesterday and her comment was it is obvious that I had a good time doing them. Yes, I did!  So thank you Gina May for your inspiration.

My next series is postcards.  I found the absolutely best cocktail napkin that spawned inspiration.  So you will see those cards next.  Gosh!  Tomorrow is October 1.  Yikes!  Fall is definitely here!


Jacki Long said...

These are all great John, a terrific series!
I agree with Michelle, your good time showed through.
I love the way your instincts work, putting things together and creating magic!

Catherine R said...

Love the complexity of the top one (the kiwi is rather far from home for a flightless bird!) versus the spareness of the second. Totally a great series!

Catherine R said...

Actually severity not spareness would be better!

Seth said...

Really wonderful series. I really love the dimension that you achieved in all the cards with the choices that you made!

Brian K said...

John! I love this series! I love the idea of a limited fodder & products.
My favorite is Manzanita #5!