Friday, November 1, 2013


This was an experiment and I rather like the result.  I collaged it digitally in Photoshop....the house, the car, the men and the stamp.  Then I did a horizontal adjustment (flip) so that I could do an inkjet transfer on 140 watercolor paper.  I added the bullseye after the transfer.  I printed the stamp, bug, dove, and the guys again, collaging each.  I added the tree and the washi tape postage mark.  That is it.  I am thinking of entering it in the NW Collage Society postcard competition this month.  Maybe I might do more first.  Time will tell.


Connie Rose said...

I really love this. Wish I could see you make these sometime, what with all the steps. Great colors, too.

Catherine R said...

Ooh, he'll have to take to doing YouTube videos of his classes, and demos like this!
I like this one too. You've achieved great depth with the way you've done it - the dove is so up close.